The ABCs of Equine Nutrition: An A-to-Z guide to better understanding, The Letter A


I originally thought of this as a single blog post but after I started researching I discovered enough information for each alphabet letter to write a book!  With that idea in mind I decided to write a post each week using a different letter of the alphabet.  So at the end of 26 weeks (assuming I can find enough nutrition topics starting with X and Y!) I will have written the book! 

Some letters will have quite a few topics and others not-so-much. If you think of any topics beginning with a letter I have not covered PLEASE send them to me via email.  The more comprehensive the book is the better.

So we will take this journey together beginning with the letter A and progress through each letter discovering, explaining and learning more about the wonderful, confusing, challenging world of equine nutrition.

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HELP! There’s a garbage can in my horse!

HappyHorseHealthyPlanet_Horse Digestive Tract

You have probably read a million articles about how equine digestion works.  You’ve also probably seen the illustrations showing the parts in detail.  Have you ever looked at your horse however and wondered what exactly is where? 

I present at a lot of seminars and nutrition is a favorite topic.  I have discovered that if I use a fun way to engage the audience that I am able to teach this difficult concept at the same time.  It starts with a trip to Home Depot. Yup, you read it right.  Home Depot.

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